İrenbe, the first private Tube Baby Center of Izmir: Where hope comes to life

Couples from many different parts of Aegean region, Turkey and the World apply to our center with longing for a baby. İRENBE, in In Vitro Fertilization and Infertility treatments, operates with its professional and experienced staff. As the first private tube baby center of Izmir, İRENBE has the rightful honor to be a glimmer of hope for the couples who want to have a baby with its tube baby achievement rates in parallel with many renown clinics of the world.
In İRENBE, It is focused on researches towards the reasons of infertility. The methods such as hormone analyses, ovulation care, sperm analysis, hydrosonography, hysteroscopy, histerosalpingografi (HSG), laparoscopy are applied with advanced techniques in necessary cases.

State of the art technology products in İrenbe..

Endoscopic methods give significant advantages in proportion to open surgery in women's health field. İRENBE practices the endoscopical methods with a privately trained professional team. Laparoscopy is a gold standard method in diagnosis and treatment of the reasons of ovarian cysts, ectopic pregnancy and infertility as a closed surgery method. Health problems in the wall of the uterus (such as cohesiveness, polyp, myoma etc.) can be diagnosed and treated with Office Hysteroscopy. Office Hysteroscopy is one of the least traumatic methods of diagnosis and treatment which helps to screen the intra uterine space with a camera by using tools with micro diameter and it is successfully applied in our center.