In Vitro Fertilization 

Why do you need to have your IVF Treatment in Turkey?

Why Irenbe?

Why do you need to have your In Vitro Fertilization Treatment in Turkey?

The in vitro fertilization applications in Turkey are a lot more successful and economical in Turkey as compared to many countries. Moreover, the treatment process would be more peaceful as Izmir is a touristic region.

Why Irenbe?

IRENBE is the first private In Vitro Fertilization center of Izmir having helped tens of thousands of families to have a baby with in vitro fertilization for 35 years. It uses a personalized treatment method via the latest technology and achieves high percentage of success in pregnancy rates.

Your In Vitro Fertilization treatment process.

We can divide the in vitro fertilization treatment process into two as the things you will do in your own country and the things you will do when you come to Turkey.

1-You should send your health details to us online. This way, the information necessary for the preparation process will be given to you by our doctors before starting to the treatment process. Firstly, you need to make the new analyses to us that our doctors will determine as well as your examination results and tests. This way, you will complete all pre-treatment preparations without coming to our center and you will come as “ready”. This will give you a significant advantage especially in terms of time.

2-You need to come to our center within the first 2-3 days of your menstruation. This way, we can start to the egg stimulation treatment. This process starts by using ovulation injections for 8-10 days and then, the eggs are collected under proper conditions and under anesthesia. The sperm sample is taken from your husband in the same day and the transfer is completed at the proper time after microinjection method and then you will be able to go back to your own country.

Legal Requirements in Turkey

Attention; IN VITRO FERTILIZATION cannot be applied to the couples who are NOT MARRIED officially. Please bring your legal documents about your marriage.

You must absolutely have “your husband’s and your ID cards and/or passport, one head shot photograph for each belonging to your husband and you, your document declaring that you are officially married and its Turkish translation” in your application for In Vitro Fertilization application. Otherwise, it is not possible to apply in vitro fertilization procedure.


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