İRENBE grounds on placing scientific practice before everything, being the reference clinic in its own region, recognizing its employers as a part of the team, caring about environmental health, being one of the important clinics in the world, putting emphasis on teamwork, paying attention to the public health.

İRENBE TARGETS to operate within transparency, to be respectful towards the legislation, to make no concessions from the quality, to be sharing, to put importance on art, to be consistent and to be respectful towards consumer rights.

İRENBE respects the people working for the sake of science, puts scientific truths forth, is a family for its personnel, protects its personnel, is an environmentalist, is a solidarist, does not like gossip, recognizes its doctors and their relatives as one of them, values friendship, is generous, shows affection to its patients, does not cheat its patients, loves its patients, is always clean, loves tolerance, recognizes the staff as a teammate, does not like speculative things, has a social sensitivity, loves its country, holds love and respect for the people saving their country, is faithful.

İRENBE adopts protecting its patient, to respect patient and doctor rights, to be friends with sister institutions, to stay faithful to the preventive medicine, to be in solidarity with its co-workers, spreading the importance of private sector, to achieve quality standards, to be sensitive towards the problems of the country, to add value to our country, to make its personnel happy, to be hardworking, to be solidarist, not to make discrimination in terms of religion, language and race, to be honest, to be respectful towards endeavor and to be reliable as a principle.