In Vitro Fertilization 

Criteria for Starting to the Treatment in Our Center


Dear Tube Baby Candidates;

You are about to start to a treatment in İRENBE In Vitro Fertilization Unit.

Please carefully read the articles below and communicate the required documents to our center as soon as possible so that there will be no disruption in your treatment. You may ask your questions and as for a detailed explanation. Please follow the examination appointments given to you and meticulously fulfill all the requirements including the suggested medicines and other practices.

Please note; we put all our efforts for you to acquire pregnancy.

You always keep the right to ask for detailed explanation related to the suggested treatment, medicine and other medical practices.

Extremely meticulously in the framework determined by the laws, with its experience and accumulation of knowledge of many years, with its fitment keeping up with the modern technological developments and professional team open for communication, İRENBE regards YOU as a member of the team in the treatment. It is very important for us to follow a 'PATIENT-FRINEDLY' treatment policy, respectful to your right to be informed in any way.

What do you need to start to the treatment program? (The compulsory documents requested by the Ministry of Health)

1)           COPIES OF THE IDENTITY CARD (Male and Female)


3)           CERTIFICATE OF IDENTITY REGISTER COPY (With the new date, taken from the Civil Registry)

4)           1 PHOTOGRAPH FOR EACH (Taken in the last 6 months)


Contact the nurses regarding the details about supplying the medicines prescribed to you and treatment package payments.

You should supply your medicines before the treatment and make the treatment package payment at the assigned time.

Wishing you to acquire a healthy pregnancy.