In Vitro Fertilization 

Pearls of Wisdom for Success in IVF

  • Did you know there are millions of couples who had a baby with this method before you? You should start thinking positively for your treatment to be successful.
  • Stress is a negative factor during the treatment. Share your worries with your doctor and relatives.
  • Examinations and interview after the examination
  • It might be useful that your spouse or a close friend accompanies you during the treatment.
  • Write down your questions before coming to your appointment, ask them and take notes about the answers and the things about your treatment.
  • Meticulously apply the suggested medication treatments.
  • If you are not sure about how to use your medicines or doubt that you misunderstood, contact the center and receive a confirmation.
  • Reading the information leaflets given to you, knowing the phases in the treatment process will increase your compliance to the treatment and therefore, your success.
  • Do not forget; you are also a part of the treatment team. In order to achieve a victory, everybody in the team should play their role well and right.
  • Take care of your own health. It now more important for you to take nourishment and sleep well. Eat properly, pay attention to consume vegetable, fruit and abundant water. You should sleep 8 hours a day, sleep early and wake up early.
  • If you are working, try to decrease your tempo a little bit. Exhaustion may affect your treatment negatively.
  • Try to rest your body and your soul by giving short breaks during the day.
  • Learn well about the medicines you will use and decide from where and when to supply them. Note the necessary address and telephone numbers.
  • You should stop smoking if you smoke. Cigarette is a reason for infertility with the rate of 13% and it affects the quality of both the egg and sperm negatively.
  • Take benefit from techniques for overcoming the stress and use relaxation techniques. Taking deep breaths, thinking positive (happy thought concept), trekking, dealing with your hobbies that will distract you, keeping a diary might be useful.You can get information about integrative medicine methods such as acupuncture from our team.
  • You should get professional help if your stress is increases despite all your efforts.You can have a more relaxed treatment period by the help of a psychologist or a psychiatrist.
  • Believe that you can do it. Positive concentration and believing are the first steps of success.