Women’s Health and Family Planning 

SMEAR Test (Cancer Scanning)


Cancer is the main disease among the most important diseases that are seen the most after the measurements based on heart diseases. Genital cancers are one of the most frequent cancer diseases in the second rank after breast cancer.

The second most common cancer of women's reproductive system, cervix cancer is the main rare disease that can be caught in the early stage. It is a disease treated with full recovery when it is caught in the early stage.

Just like every other cancer types, cervix cancer is also one of the diseases coming out after a period of hidden disease that continues for many years. The cancer comes out after a period of incubation for 1 to 15 years. When the complaints start, it is unfortunately seen that the disease has already spreaded. That is why there are various tests developed to diagnose the cancers in early stages. Early diagnosis test for cervix cancer is smear test. Smear is the smear test of vaginal discharge.