Pregnancy & Labor

We know that you’re waiting for it excitedly. We are ready to be there for you in every phase of your pregnancy with our 25 years of experience, experts in their field and our experienced staff for the health screening of the expectant mother and the baby and or a healthy labor process.

Your pregnancy period by usual means or after In vitro fertilization treatment is meticulously followed in our center starting from the first month of the pregnancy. It is our main purpose that the expectant mother and the baby are safe during the pregnancy and the pregnancy results in the birth of a healthy baby. You may maintain a healthy pregnancy by taking benefit from all of the opportunities that the contemporary medicine offers in İrenbe. In İrenbe, it is targeted for you to be healthy physically and mentally through the necessary examinations suitable for your pregnancy.

Moreover, İRENBE continues to be a REFERENCE CENTER in fetal screening and risky pregnancy follow-up method.